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What does the camera on my windshield do?

Have you ever looked at your vehicle and wondered what is this for? Well this is a camera that controls some of the safety features your car may have. That feature is called "Advance Driver Assistance System" or ADAS for short. How does it work? ADAS equipped vehicles have cameras and sensors to detect any potential collision or road hazards. Your vehicle will warn you in the form of a flashing light, beep, possible movement in steering wheel or applying your brakes to warn you of that potential hazard/collision. After replacing your windshield, we calibrate the camera. That will ensure that your ADAS will detect road hazards accurately! We have trained technicians who will make sure your vehicle is properly calibrated. We work with all insurance companies. Lisa, in the office can answer any questions you may have and set up your appointment. Please give us a call today to set up your appointment. 585-889-3753. We also provide other auto glass services including side view mirrors, chip repairs, door glass and back glass replacement and more! Give us a call!


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